The Palace of Peace and Concord

The Palace of Peace and Concord, Astana

Palace of Peace and Concord is a unique architectural object. Here is located the Museum of Culture, University of Civilizations, the Opera Theater for 1500 people. Four powerful supports - symbolic Hands of Peace support all the magnificence. The author of this unique project is a famous British architect - Norman Foster. Pyramid connects the left and the right side of Ishim. Due to steel, aluminum, many special glass designs, unique technical ideas, architectural innovation, the construction looks like a miracle. Panoramic elevator allows all to enjoy the beauty of green terraces and the play of light from the dome of the pyramid. Even more interesting to make foot rise to the summit, to pass along the hanging stairs through the hanging gardens of Astana. The majestic pyramid is visible from both banks of Ishim. At night its peak shines from the inside.


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