Nur-Astana central mosque

Nur-Astana central mosque, Astana

The construction of the mosque was completed in 2005 with financial support, provided by the state of Qatar, in the amount of 6 million 840 thousand U.S. dollars. The author of the project is a famous Lebanese architect Charles Hazif.

The construction represents a model of grace of eastern architecture. The mosque is crowned by four minarets, each 62 m. in height. Cupolas covered with gold. Eight skeletons supporting the dome, artfully decorated not just with  ornamentation,  but with carved Sura (part of the text in the Holy Quran). Inside we can see a large hall, where at the same time 5 thousand people can pray. There is a balcony on the second floor, meant for the praying of 2 thousand women. The area of the mosque is approximately 4000 sq.m.


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