Duman entertainment center

Duman entertainment center,  Astana

source: www.advantour.com

Duman entertainment center  is an integrated facility consisting of several thematic zones: aquarium, 3D cinema, a network of cafes and trading halls, central area for walking and leisure attraction Jungle, bowling, casino, multifunctional room and a hotel complex. 

Oceanarium is the first and the only one of its kind on the territory of CIS. This is a unique aquarium, away from the ocean by more than 3000 kilometers. More than 2000 marine inhabitants are living in aquarium, they  represent over 100 species of marine fauna from different places of the World. 

5D-Digital Cinema is a new and technologically advanced environment of virtual entertainment. Volumetric stereoscopic images of high-definition, creating around beautiful and fantastic pictures will allow you to become thoroughly engrossed into the world of virtual reality.

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